Education Partnership North East’s curriculum and support staff have developed innovative online learning methods for students to continue their studies at home, be engaged and motivated in their learning and to provide ongoing support.

English Specialist lecturer Tamzin George first began utilising audio recordings and podcasts in 2019 to engage her students in new types of classroom activities, working closely with the Innovation Learning Team. 

Discovering a large proportion of her students resitting their GCSE’s had difficulties processing and retaining information, and study programmes being moved to digital platforms, Tamzin learned how to record and edit audio files which were uploaded to Moodle so her learners could listen to and replay to help their learning and understanding of source material. The podcasts were a huge success, with Tamzin recording classes so absent students could listen and engage as if they were listening to their peers in person. Her learners grew in confidence, with students living with anxiety ‘coming out of their shells’. 

Following the suspension of face-to-face teaching and classes moved to virtual learning environments, Tamzin was able to use her skills and knowledge of the technology to record and edit podcasts quickly to engage her students online, get them working and stay on track. 

Tamzin is developing the skills needed to provide learners with video feedback 

Her innovation is really paying off with her students working hard to submit their assignments. 

  • Curriculum staff 
  • Support staff including learning innovation team
  • 31 GCSE English and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students engaged.

“I believe that after having built up strong relationships with my students, hearing my voice and being able to tell them I want them to remain safe and not to worry is comforting for them. 

I have a number of different ideas that I want to explore over the coming months and accessed so much support from the ILT team. They have been marvellous and so supportive. 

“The podcasts seem a lot easier to understand because I can understand better when it is explained to me rather than reading instructions because when I read instructions, it confuses me.”

“It’s good having the podcasts there because they keep my knowledge up to date.”

Learning how to use different technology and software progammes such as Audacity with assistance from the Innovation Learning Team.

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