The apprenticeship scheme enables companies to grow and nurture young talent into valuable members of staff.

Chloe Burgin, HR Advisor at Haskel Sunderland, explains how apprentices have benefitted their business.

Sunderland College is local to our site, we wanted to promote and give job opportunities to local people.

Shop Floor Apprentice.

Hiring apprentices has been a successful way to grow talent and develop skilled and qualified employees. Apprentices are always motivated to learn new skills and it is good to get their perspective on various tasks.

The have spent time in different work cells System Assembly, System Repairs, Amp, Pump and Booster repairs and also the Modification section. The repair section allows them to learn how the pumps boosters and amps work within any system.

I believe the solid foundation gained from college has set them up for the workplace.

We have been supported by Dion who visits our apprentices in the workplace every two weeks to check on their progress.

Definitely recommend, apprentices are an excellent way to get employees tailored to your business.

Would definitely recommend, we have had two excellent apprentices through this partnership.

How do they work with us?

Detail of product/relationship

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Why Education Partnership North East (EPNE)?

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Our Student Transport Scheme with Go North East provides free travel to college for eligible students

92% of our students agree that the teaching on their course is good.

(Sunderland College On-programme Survey 2017)