The apprenticeship scheme enables the company to grow and nurture young talent into valuable members of staff.

Sean Thompson, Managing Director at Ashford Orthodontics, shared his experience of how apprentices benefit their business.

Deputy Team Leader (Vacuum Forming) and Team Leader (Digital).

Employing apprentices gives us the opportunity to grow and nurture young talent into valuable members of staff, who have been trained to do things ‘our way’ from the outset. Their enthusiasm is key and we use this as a foundation to help them develop their potential, whilst also utilising this to help our business grow in the right direction.

Both apprentices have embraced their roles and they have seized the opportunity to learn new skills in a wider range of applications within their department. They have learnt from other members and are actively encouraged to bring new ideas to established processes.

Their appetite to learn new things with enthusiasm and reliability.

I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship scheme to others, particularly as our two apprentices have progressed to senior roles within our organisation. I feel the apprenticeship scheme gave them the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, giving them the confidence needed to embrace daily roles both in and out of work.

Sunderland College is supportive at every level, from recruitment through to study support to both the apprentice and the employer, and this is invaluable in us developing the apprentices. They make it so easy for us to embrace the apprenticeship process, and without this we may have been tempted to simply employ experienced staff rather than look to train internally. They are always willing to listen to our needs as an employer, as well as the needs of the apprentice.

How do they work with us?

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