We will be an engaged and influential sector leader with a strong reputation and growing partnerships. 

We will:

  • Collaborate on innovative employer-led projects and a wide range of social responsibility activities in order to continually enhance the student experience.
  • Nurture strong mutually beneficial partnerships with industry and community organisations
  • We will extend our influence by collaborating with strategic partners
    to support and sustain mutually beneficial activities.
  • Raise the profile of our expertise and our specialist areas.
  • Celebrate the positive impact we have had on our communities.
  • Contribute positively to social, cultural and economic regeneration.

Engage locally, regionally and nationally

Our Professional Values


We are who we say we are, we do what we say we do.


We value the opinion of others and the contribution they make.


We work hard to create a
dynamic, forward looking culture.


We are determined to achieve our vision and goals.

Our strategic plan

The College’s Strategic Plan 2019-2025 is our blueprint for success. It establishes a framework to shape our direction within an environment that is rapidly changing, financially challenging and increasingly competitive.

We look forward to working with our colleagues to achieve this Strategic Plan and to ensure the College continues to build on its successful past, for a sustainable and bright future.