Green Careers week is a campaign running between 6th-11th November, supported by partners such as the Department for Education, National Careers Service,, UK Space Agency and the Careers and Enterprise Company.

As young people become more aware of impacts of climate change, Green Careers Week and its partners are highlighting the amazing career paths available to improve the future of our climate, and the green skills required to acieve this.

What are green skills?

Green skills are the technical abilities, knowledge, understanding and practical experience needed to support sustainability within the community. These skills can be used across  range of sectors, from engineering and construction to agriculutre. Developing green skills will help meet the demands of employers and future proof your career, as jobs in all industries look to become more sustainable.

What are green careers?

Green careers are a pathway or choice of jobs that focus on improving the climate, increasing sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Many sectors are becoming more green, while some have specific career paths that have been developed to help meet the government's goal of reaching net zero by 2050. These careers can include retrofit within the contruction industry, working with hybrid or electric vehicles, or a career in electrical renewables or even forestry and woodland management.

Skills for a green economy

The transition to net zero requires a range of different green skills. Hear from our Chair of Governors, James Stuart, as he discusses how Further Education colleges can play their part in supporting the transition to net zero and a green economy by providing knowledge and training  to help you develop the green skills employers need.

Green careers courses:

Career pathways are becoming green in a number of different sectors, with a range of jobs that are supporting the transition to a lower carbon, green economy. These can include industries and roles that you may not expect.

From engineering and construction, to agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare, a green job can help future-proof your career with skills that are transferable across sectors.

Search for courses that could lead you to a green career below.

Sunderland College courses

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Skills Bootcamps

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Green Careers Week events:

Our students can join us throughout the week at whichever campus you usually attend to learn more about green careers, green skills and the opportunities available to you.

Speak to employers to find out about apprenticeship vacancies, jobs and work experience in green sectors. You can also visit our immersive space to see what it's like working in a battery manufacturing plant or on an offshore wind farm using our virtual reality headsets.

  • Monday 6th November

    Hartlepool Sixth Form College - 11:30am-1:30pm

  • Tuesday 7th November

    Kirkley Hall Campus (Future Ready Hub), Northumberland College - 11:30m-1:30pm

  • Wednesday 8th November

    Bede Campus (Arts Academy), Sunderland College - 11:30am-1:30pm

  • Thursday 9th November

    Ashington Campus, Northumberland College - 11:30am-1:30pm

  • Friday 10th November

    City Campus, Sunderland College - 11:30am-1:30pm