Education Partnership North East’s curriculum and support staff have developed innovative online learning methods for students to continue their studies at home, be engaged and motivated in their learning and to provide ongoing support.

Animal Management lecturers Leah O’Callaghan and Brooke Nisbet have recorded step-by-step videos showing Level 1-3 learners the correct way to carry out a practical animal health check on a variety of species.

The videos, uploaded to Canvas and Bright Space, will be followed by a health check list so students can carry out their own checks on animals at home which will be uploaded.

  • Curriculum staff
  • Support staff including innovation learning team.
  • “Videoing health checks allows students who may be nervous to ask questions in front of peers go over videos multiple times and check if they missed anything.”
  • “They’re really easy to navigate online, so learners can base their own health checks on standardised versions.”
  • “Working on google classroom is definitely easier. I find it relaxing as it is in my own surroundings and I can do it in my room without being distracted and if you need help you can ask a teacher, support or another classmate. Teams is a great way to contact your friends’ or the staff.”
  • “So far with the online practical lessons I’ve been enjoying them. They seem to work well for the situation that we’re in. Sometimes in college we would make our own enrichment items for the animals on the zoo, therefore the idea to make them at home for our own pets or even just think of an idea was useful.”
  • “I’ve been enjoying the practical tasks so far. While I struggled a bit carrying out the three ethograms virtually (on video), I do love writing reports, interpreting and evaluating the behaviours exhibited.


I am excited to make some enriching toys for my dogs and rabbit; I know it will mentally stimulate both myself and the animals.”

Bridging the knowledge gap of video editing and uploading videos to Canvas. A private YouTube channel was created with links sent to students.

Difficulty accessing animals and habitats are they are on site.

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