Benefits of distance learning

A happy workforce

Employees are your most valuable asset! Keep them happy and motivated by investing in their development with a distance learning course.

Retain talent

Keep your talented staff and support them in reaching their full potential with structured training and development through distance learning.

A great place to work

Investing in your employees' personal development with distance learning courses will enhance your reputation as an employer and make your business a great place to work!

Minimal disruption

With distance learning, your staff can gain a new qualification with minimal disruption to the workplace by fitting their study around their professional responsibilities.

Train more staff

Most distance learning courses are free so you could train a whole team or department at the same time with minimal cost.

Productive workforce

Distance learning training can improve your business performance and profit as your staff develop the skills and knowledge to do their job to the best of their ability.

Immediate results

Your staff can instantly apply what they have learnt on their distance learning course on-the-job, which will have an immediate impact on your business.

Motivated staff

Encourage staff engagement and motivation and make your staff feel valued by investing in distance learning training.

Relevant training

Distance learning courses will engage your employees in relevant, industry-recognised qualifications.

Reduce financial pressures

Now more than ever training budget are under pressure, however, distance learning courses remove costs associated with travel to and from external training courses and in-house delivery.

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What our employers say

"Distance learning has proved invaluable to our staff development programmes. The tutors are really supportive and we have had more than 500 of our staff achieve qualifications in this way over the last three years."

Faye Gregory-Smith, Business Manager, Sunderland Care and Support

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