Build sector specific skills in your workforce

Alongside partners in the North East, we are delivering three short courses across our college group to help build digital skills in industry as part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs and National Skills Fund.

The Skills Bootcamp in Digital is a new set of digital training courses designed to help students build sector specific skills. Employers only need to pay a 30% contribution towards the cost of this training.

Digital bootcamp courses

Training will take place across our college group via distance learning and via our partner organisations. 

As a college group we are offering the following distance learning courses: Level 3 Cyber Security and Networking / Level 3 Digital Marketing / Level 3 Data Analysis and Analytics for Business  

Our partners are also delivering the following courses:

Gateshead College: Level 3 Web Design and Development / Level 4 Building Information Modelling (BIM) / Level 4 Data Engineering and Analytical Tools

New College Durham: Level 5 Cyber Security and Networking

Tyne Coast College: Level 3 Augmented Reality and Emerging Technologies / Level 3 IT Support

Baltic Apprenticeships: Level 3 Data Skills Accelerator

Who are they for?

The courses are offered at intermediate level (level 3). Students will need to have a good level of digital skills already although they don’t have to have expert knowledge, just an understanding of the subject area!

How much do they cost?

The training is free for individuals over 19 years, working, recently unemployed within the last 12 months or looking for work e.g. coming back into the workforce after a career break and a resident in the UK and legally entitled to work in the UK. Employers are required to provide a 30% contribution towards the cost of this training. 

How long do they last?

The courses will take place via distance learning and last a duration of 6 weeks.